And the recipe for Motorhome Pie, by Fiona

Hi Sue, great to see you and Dave so relaxed and happy. The new van has a lot of character.

Cut up small pieces of butternut pumpkin and bake in oven.

Cook a couple of onions in pan with oil, put in mixing bowl.

Cook a lot of mushrooms in pan with butter (field and brown mushrooms better). I used three types- the little white ones too. Put in mixing bowl.

Grate a few bulbs of fresh tumeric into bowl. Also add dried sweet paprika.

Finely chop done fresh sage fro garden if you have any.

Grate a block of Swiss or other hard cheese and some Parmesan into bowl.

If you can find it in supermarket add a jar of Sacla pumpkin and Parmesan sauce. I happened to have it in the pantry,.

(You could add an egg but I didn’t)


Add a layer if short crust pastry to bottom of baking dish or multiple layers of filo and bake in oven for a couple of minutes.

Add mushroom mix, add pumpkin as grate some more cheese over the top. Add layers of filo to cover brushing with an oil / butter mix in between. Bake

I think my pie was a little dry, so don’t leave in the oven quite as long as I did.

You could make in the stove top in Tonka, unless it has an oven?

You’re going to have an amazing time. 

Xx oo