Short rant: don’t overdo the track signage!

We stayed at a lovely DOC campsite last night, at the site of the old mining town of Lyell. (It’s at the start of the Old Ghost Road trail, which is on our “must run” list for later in the year.)

There is a lovely circuit walk from the campground. But here signage is enough to put almost any intending walker off…

We’re both in favor of 1080 drops.  They do wonders for the local birdlime, as we were reminded a short way along the track when greeted by a family of South Island robins. 

Four warning signs is just ridiculous! And the skull and crossbones overstates the risks to humans.

Surely DOC could have a single sign, perhaps along the lines of “Welcome. This is a lovely short walk. We’ve recently dropped some poison baits, which keep pest numbers down and so benefit the local birds. Walking his track is safe for humans, but please follow a few simple rules…”

The track crosses some spectacular streams, including Deep Creek…

And the campsite itself is lovely.