Departures 1: our urban god(dess) neighbours

Two things were top of mind when we were preparing to leave Wellington. The first was, ‘why?’ (packing up the house was just awful) and the second was the overwhelming generosity of our neighbours and friends. 

We took delivery of Tonka on a typical Wellington day – horizontal pouring rain – which meant that we could only coax it halfway up our very steep shared driveway, and were stuck outside our neighbour’s place. I was convinced that Tonka was going to turn turtle and slide back down into Ferry Road. Such an ignominious start to the ‘adventure’! But neighbours Tony and Maureen came to the rescue and were quite happy that we left it outside their house, where it stayed for 5 days until we left.

I didn’t see much of Dave for those 5 days. Here was a chance for him to display an interest in electronics I didn’t know he had, fitting all the bits and bobs he bought off TradeMe. Stuff like a reversing camera so you can see who is following behind you. Quite useful, that!

Tony joined in the DYI marathon. I could hear them from the house where I was still finishing the various maintenance tasks.
Maureen achieved domestic goddess status with her morning teas (that’s Maureen on the left with the tray of coffee and orange and date biscuits). Me, I never feed Dave morning tea, on a tray or otherwise. I guess there is a lesson there somewhere.
But come day 5 we were given the word by the property manager that we had to be out of the house for our new tenant so we had to draw on line on tinkering with Tonka. I don’t know who was more nervous, Maureen or me, but eventually Dave nursed Tonka back down the driveway, to return in June 2018.