Departures 2: The Fix-It Marshalls

The other top of mind things that were keeping us awake before we left were, what do we do with all our stuff that we did not need for the trip (and we had far too much of that), and what would we do with the car? I remember one phone call from Dave’s sister Wendy, where she came up with a whole string of questions like this and our only response was ‘Dunno, dunno, dunno…’

Enter the Marshalls. Alan did his MBA with Dave, and we have kept in contact with the family – his wife Diane and the three boys, Aaron, Ben and Sam.  I do not know how it happened but Alan very kindly suggested that that they could store our excess gear in the loft above their garage (only about 2 cubic metres we thought. More like 5, ahem, and it all had to be carted up a narrow ladder by Al and the boys).
And a couple of days before we left, with only a harebrained scheme to store the car in Christchurch because we did not have the energy to sell it, the family offered to mind the car as well.
Here’s a photo of the day we dropped our car off… From front right that’s Ben, Aaron, Di, Al,  the Emergency Kit, and me.
The Emergency Kit, you ask? Yes, the emergency kit…


That had all of the following tucked into a little camper van-sized bucket…


We broke into it on day 2. I think we needed scissors. And because we could not fit it all back into the bucket we had to do some destructive sampling of the chocolate. Of course. 
Such kindness is truly humbling.