Trip 3. [Part A] Green Lake and Eldrig Peak

3-5  April 2017.

Fiordland at last! We figured that Tonka needed fly screens to keep the Fiordland sandflies out. Hence our delay around Timaru while getting those installed. After that, there was no excuse not to head further south and west. Though having got here, it’s been so cold that we’ve barely seen a sandfly! 
Our trip started and finished from Borland Lodge near Lake Monowai. That’s just off the “main” road between Tuatapere and Manapouri. We followed the Burnt Ridge Track to Lake Monowai, then the Green Lake track to Green Lake Hut. From there we climbed the range to the north of the hut traversing under the slopes of Mt Burns and onto the ridge running up to Eldrig Peak. Then we dropped through lovely tarn basins and picked up the Eldrig Peak Track back to the Borland Road. After a very short road walk (400m) we took the South Borland Track back to our start point.
It took a long time getting here…


Crown fern under silver beech forest was typical of the lowland parts of the Green Lake Track.
South Island robins are highly territorial. Here two male robins face off at their territorial boundary.
Green Lake (not looking very green)


Green Lake Hut. Looks very comfortable but we didn’t stay.
The cloud level lifted as we climbed above Green Lake. It looked like we would have a clear day on the tops. But that wasn’t the case. We ended up with some tricky navigation in thick cloud.
[Editors note. This blog was inadvertently truncated. See Trip 3 Part B for the remainder.]