Humble Designs™

3 May 2017. We’re not TV watchers. In fact, we don’t even have a TV back in Wellington. Neither do our neighbours, Chris and Evie. Which is ironic, as Chris is the presenter of Grand Designs New Zealand. So Sue and I make an exception, and are avid followers of Grand Designs.

“Grand” in the TV show means new, large and barely affordable. Some of the houses featured are 350m2 — with only two intended occupants. We understand there is a counter-trend in architecture “minimalist” homes of 50m2 or less. But some people have chosen to live in small spaces for years — specifically in yachts and motorhomes.

Tonka is at the humble end of motorhome. Its floor area is less than 6 square metres. Specifically, it’s 5.67m2. 0.67m2 of that is the toilet, shower and bathroom. Rougly half of the other 5m2 is lounge, bedroom, dining and office.

The remaining half is the kitchen, wardrobes and storage. But we don’t have to compromise too far – we have the technology for both coffee and tea!

Everywhere is drying space on wet days.

The picture window offers some grand views — and they change from day to day!

I can’t promise a forthcoming TV series of Humble Designs. But, if it were to happen, Chris would make the perfect host.