Little Gems: Australia

28 May to 18 June. Three weeks in Australia, spread across South Australia, Tasmania, the ACT and NSW. We did some interesting trips, which will be the subject of future blogs. But Australia is a big, quirky place. And some of those quirks caught our eye…

Tasmania offers lovely colonial architecture, and the small town of Ross has many fine examples.

But this rainwater tank is a very “Australian” addition…

Life often imitates art. This sign could have come straight out of the Australian TV series Utopia.

And in keeping with Utopia, it was firmly (and proudly) attached to a new dunny block in Pinnaroo, 250km east of Adelaide.

When we first moved to New Zealand, we despaired at ever being able to pronounce place names like Kaiwharawhara, Ngauranga and Wairarapa. However, a New Zealander in South Australia might face a similar problem.

Sue’s niece Jo and her husband Troy were about to move into their (not quite completed) new house in McLaren Vale. We helped out with some odd jobs, including depending a trench for an electricity cable. It helps to have the right tools to get the job done quickly!

We saw a spectacular rainbow at Wynyard, on Tasmania’s northwest coast.

This sign caught our eye in the ACT.

In Canberra it seems that a granny flat is not a minimalist structure in the back yard. The “design of the week” had three bedrooms and three bathrooms!

We spotted these signs in Leigh Creek and Sydney…


What’s a bush turkey to make of that?