Spring wildflowers

1 November 2017.

It’s pretty hard to find a wildflower anywhere in Fiordland over winter. And the spring season started slowly. We found this dracophyllum in flower in mid-September on Resolution Island.

But that was an isolated individual. A month later (mid-October) we spotted more flowers along the Hollyford River, including this wineberry:

And a clematis:

Beech trees are also in flower. Their flowers are subtle, but beautiful nonetheless:

Come the end of October, and all of a sudden flowers seem to be everywhere. Back Valley, near Lake Manapouri is particularly spectacular. Flowering bushes of Corokia cotoneaster surround the clearing containing the hut.

The hut itself is basic, but quaint.

The South Island kowhai were large trees (25m+) with stunning flowers:

We’re not sure what this one is (it’s a vine, superficially like bush lawyer):
[Update: It’s Celmatis foetida. Thanks, Lynley.]

The cabbage trees are yet to flower – something to look forward to!

The tree fuschias are flowering prolifically:

There are big knots of clematis flowers often high in the forest canopy. Sometimes they get low enough to photograph with a phone camera:

There’s not much happening wildflower-wise in the sub-alpine and alpine zone yet. But wait another month or so…

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