Townley Mountains [Part B]

The next morning we packed up camp and hid our gear from the kea.

Then we headed off towards Lake St Patrick, past another spectacular tarn.

From some angles the area looks like a moonscape. But hidden in the various clefts and crannies are small gardens.

Lake St Patrick didn’t disappoint.

The kea decided to check us out.

Few features are named in these mountains. Some peaks and lakes have spot heights on the map. That afternoon we climbed peak 1663, which offered a great view into the nearby Wall Mountains.

On our fourth day we descended into a tributary of Emerald Stream. Now our route was completely undocumented. We passed another lake, mostly dry.

The scrub got very thick.

But at least there was plenty to hang onto on the step bits! Finally we joined Emerald Stream, which lived up to its name.

From here it was generally pleasant travel back to the Grebe River, the Borland Road and our car. Thence burgers and pizza at the Lake Manapouri pub.

[Posted 17 January 2018]